Anna’s Reading Room

From time to time, I will post books I have read on here. I would love to hear what all of you have been reading latley.  You can put some titles on my Anna Daily Facebook page or email me at  If you have written a book, please let me know and I would like to read it and post it on here.

For my reading friends, I just finished a very good series by Lori Wick called The Tucker Mills Trilogy:

                                      Moonlight on the Millpond

                                      Just Above A Whisper

                                  Leave a Candle Burning

You will fall in love with the characters and be able to follow their lives as all the details unfold for them. It has a theme of people coming to Christ and this part of each book will definetly put some tears in your eyes.   Each book has sweet and tender love stories filled with action and drama. If you read before you go to bed, it will make you change your bedtime.

I am thankful for writers that write good stories that leave you wanting to know as soon as the next book will come out.

Author: annadailyreads

My family and friends call me Rose, but I am writing as Anna Daily. My husband Sammy and my daughter Paige are two of my biggest blessings in life and they have helped me reach a child hood dream of getting a book published. Currently, I have written a book called Blessings for Betsy that is in the process of getting published. It has been a fun but hard, faith-filled journey for me. My overall goal is to encourage people to accomplish their life goals. Together, we can make a difference!

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