Powerful Bible Verse: For Such A Time As This

Well, I had another verse in mind but I came across this one:

2 Samuel 24:14 Then David said to Gad, I am in great distress. Let us now fall into the hands of the Lord for His mercies are great, but do not let me fall into the hand of man.  (The New International Version)

This verse can describe so much that is going on in the world with the Presidential Election of 2016. This conversation from David to Gad probably sums up what a lot of us are feeling about the state of the world right now. David says it best, His mercies are great. I believe we do have to respect elected officials and those over us like at work, church, etc., but I am extremely thankful that I do not have to answer to the mercy of man but I answer to a merciful God; every day in some way. But, you know what, He still wakes us up in the morning and helps us lie down each night.

His mercies are new every morning, every day, every hour and for that  I will be eternally thankful.

It will be a long night for us all, but another promise is that joy comes in the morning…..

May God continue to guide and protect us all in the days to come and whatever the new year may bringJesus is still, King!



Author: annadailyreads

My family and friends call me Rose, but I am writing as Anna Daily. My husband Sammy and my daughter Paige are two of my biggest blessings in life and they have helped me reach a child hood dream of getting a book published. Currently, I have written a book called Blessings for Betsy that is in the process of getting published. It has been a fun but hard, faith-filled journey for me. My overall goal is to encourage people to accomplish their life goals. Together, we can make a difference!

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