How my book, Blessings for Betsy, came to be.

As the holiday season approaches I am thankful that I have places to go, people to see and even, oh yes, things to do. The older I get the more I realize that so many people don’t have that and that is very sad. Our family dynamic has changed in our house and that means we change as a family.  It is a gradual process. Over the past two years we have lost two strong members of my husband, Sammy’s family. The first one was him mom and then not long after, we lost one of his brothers.

These two people were very strong in our lives and two of my personal encouragers to my writing. It was with the death of Sammy’s brother, that my children’s book came into my heart and fully in my mind. I had started out with a full novel and actually have one stored on my computer. I don’t know if anything will ever come of that but I do know that writing the children’s book was my way of healing and dealing with the loss that our families had suffered.

The hardest page of the whole book  is indeed, my in memory page where it is dedicated to two of my biggest cheerleaders that touched so many lives.

The struggle is real some days. Many of my close friends have heard me laugh about writing about blessings because of  everything we have been through. But it is through this time of hardship, that I am really trying to learn that blessings are everywhere. Even when we think we can’t see them.

My overall theme in Blessings for Betsy, is simply in an alphabet song that the last line says, “I am a blessing and you are too.”

My challenge for us all is that we remember that truth when our holiday schedule gets pushed or changed. When we start to get a little cranky with relatives.  When the turkey burns to a crisp. When everyone at the table is drinking from plastic cups and there are holes in the bottom of every one of them. When the kids break a window with the football. When the dog gets the best part of the meat. When the rain finally starts to fall and everyone has to stay inside. When the dirty dishes are stacked high……

Remember, not everyone has all this and we are all indeed my friends and future book readers, a huge blessing too.

May God Bless Us All…..


Author: annadailyreads

My family and friends call me Rose, but I am writing as Anna Daily. My husband Sammy and my daughter Paige are two of my biggest blessings in life and they have helped me reach a child hood dream of getting a book published. Currently, I have written a book called Blessings for Betsy that is in the process of getting published. It has been a fun but hard, faith-filled journey for me. My overall goal is to encourage people to accomplish their life goals. Together, we can make a difference!

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